Wisteria – waterfall of flowers –
Wisteria, a well known flowering climber with a waterfall of beautiful flowers.
The flowers hang down in bunches. A strong grower with a deliciously sweet scent.

Blue rain a flowering climber

Blue Rain is a left-turning (Wisteria floribunda) or right-turning (Wisteria sinensis) climbing plant which is often seen along walls or along a pergola. The plant flowers from April to June. You will need a wire netting or fence. Or a pergola.
The plant will then swing itself upwards. The flower clusters are blue or white and grow to 25 to 30 cm. You can also combine Wisteria with a Clematis. You can let the shrubs grow together nicely. Wisteria flowers a little earlier and the Clematis takes over. This gives you a flowering pergola or wall for a long time.

Fast grower
Wisteria is a very fast grower. You can keep it in check by pruning it twice a year. The long tendrils can grow up to 2 metres a year. If you let the plant go, it can grow up to 20 metres high and 10 metres wide. One pruning is enough to keep the plant under control. The plant loses its leaves in the winter. In the spring, beautiful green leaves appear again. You usually buy this climbing plant as a grafted plant.

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